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Gauge lets you ask questions and reward consumers for giving their feedback.

What is Gauge?

Our platform allows you to instantly research with your target market. Whether you are testing a new product or measuring employee satisfaction, we obtain feedback in minutes.

Consumer Understanding

Obtain feedback on new designs, concepts, and business questions in real-time from the right audience.

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Ad Effectiveness

Use Gauge to easily measure ad response before it even goes live! Then use our platform to measure lift and recall.

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Customer & Employee Feedback

Instantly receive feedback from your employee base on ideas and concepts through white-labeled campaigns.

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Ask your question

What would you like to learn?

Work with our professional services team to define your questions and research objectives or build your DIY survey right from the Gauge Insights Platform.


Obtain results in minutes

Once you've launched your campaign, the survey is distributed to our panel of over 60mm consumers. We partner with the best panel providers in the business to get you results instantly, all through the mobile Gauge interface.


View the data in real-time

We understand that there's a lot of data, so our pro services team is available to help with custom findings decks as well as data analysis to find the answers to your business objectives within the results.

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