Rapid A/B, Text, and Image Campaigns

Rapid A/B Split Testing

Quickly split test images, designs, and collateral to find out which will perform best with your target market:

  • Advertising Content
  • Product Packaging
  • Branding Designs / Logos

Utilize conditional logic to drill down based on user-preferences.

  • Questions based on previous answer

Which Brand do you prefer -> Brand Specific Question

Multi-Image Choice Surveys

Coming Soon

For when you need more than A vs. B feedback, use Gauge to find out which variants are preferred best by asking consumers about up to 6 different variants.

  • Advertising content with up to 6 designs
  • New product packaging or branding
  • Logos and brand feedback

Choose whether users can give one answer or multiple:

  • You can decide if users should vote for one answer that they like best or all that they like. The choice is yours! (or should we say, theirs!)

Want to ensure your customers have viewed each image prior to voting? No problem! You can set whether or not users should view each image full-screen before voting.

Text Questions

Coming Soon

Businesses have hundreds of questions about its products each day. Gauge has created a feature for companies to get answers to customised questions instantaneously. Companies can Gauge their audiences with customized questions – and receive up to 6 answers per question.

  • Ask users text questions about the brand’s they like best
  • Ask users text questions about which names sound best
  • Research how often people shop at certain stores or even gauge how much they like certain products or experiences

Text questions can be setup to get feedback from your target audience on literally anything!

Want users to select all the answers they like best? You can choose whether or not the text question is a single-response or multi-response survey.