Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Audience Creation

Gain feedback from your ideal customers and target personas

Target surveys based on location, marital status, income, education, and much more!

  • Example: Want to hear from women in Manhattan? Sounds good. Need something more specific? Choose from any of our additional targets to narrow the results to your target audience.

Not sure exactly who you want to chat to? You can partially target surveys to general targets and leave the rest open.

Custom CSV Uploads

Use our CSV upload feature to create your own audiences.

If the users have our app, they’re instantly notified through a push notification. If not, they receive a customized invitation email to sign up and give you feedback.

Use this feature to get feedback from:

  • Your existing customer base on new features and designs
  • Your custom panels and audiences from people who you’ve already recruited
  • Your employees on team outings or even internal questions

Geo-targeting for the In-store Experience

Get feedback from customers who have been into your stores by leveraging a network of geofences and beacons

Want to ask your customers how their experience was in your stores? Use our text questions to find out.

Curious as to which branding designs or layouts your store’s customers prefer? Ask them in real-time as they are in your locations.

Are you a vendor who sales products in stores? Target questions to customers who already shop in the stores where you sell your product.