Analytics & Insights

Data-driven decisions are the only kind of decisions you should be making.

With our powerful analytics, you can see as much or little detail on who is voting and what they like best.

Real-time Insights

Showcase analytics in real time

Our data is live and changing every-minute. As more respondents give feedback, our charts and insights update to give you the most up-to-date analytics. No need to wait till the survey is complete, begin watching the data flow in immediately after start.

Answer-Specific Insights

We show you which segments of the population is voting for what. You can get a high-level understanding of who voted in your survey or dive-deep into answer specific data to see which segments of the population are voting for what.

For an even deeper dive, use our drill-down analytics to see specifically what parts of the audience voted for what.

Location-specific insights

Not only do we show you who is voting for on your questions, we also show you where they are located.

  • Identify regional trends with different answers to better align your company’s decision making and marketing campaigns.