The Future of Market Research
Starts With a Swipe.

Gone are the days where research programs require 6 week
engagements and six-figure contracts.

gauge market research platform

Gauge Insights Launches Market Research App in Partnership with Focus Pointe Global – Read More

With Gauge, you can see results in minutes.

Gauge was designed to get you quality data as fast as possible. We understand that decisions need to be made yesterday, not in six weeks. Gauge allows you to define a target audience and launch a campaign in minutes.

Our Best-in-Class Features

In-depth Analytics

Full control over your reporting with beautiful graphs that are easy to understand. Power user? You'll love the report drilldown options.

Highly Engaged Users

We've partnered with some of the top research companies in the world to bring you top-notch respondents.

Predictive Insights - Beta

Perhaps you'd like to identify your audience and validate your market. We can do that too.

Built for Performance

Testing a thousand users or a million? Gauge was built on top of Amazon's global infrastructure to scale without a flinch.

Advanced Targeting

We're testing and advancing our targeting capabilities every day. As we evolve, so do you.

We Handle Incentives

We incentives users so you don't have to. Users are awarded points for each question which can be redeemed for gift cards.

How Our Mobile Technology Works

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